Mobile Phone External FM Antenna, for Nokia 2.5mm headset type
Part No MPFMEA-25N
Iron grey
Function Four in One
Mobile Phone External FM Antenna
For most peoples who hate listening music with headset, by this product without headset the mobile phone FM radio still function well.
Mobile Phone FM Signal Enhancer For most type of mobile phone already embedded FM radio function inside, but the sound quality is not good enough at some place which FM signal is poor, this product helps improving signal.
Standard 3.5mm Headset Adapter
For standard 3.5Ø cellular phone headset, i.e. much cheaper, replacing the much expensive proprietary mobile phone headset.
Audio out socket
Output to external amplifier or speakers when stay indoors.
Nokia 2.5mm headset socket
Audio Out Standard 2.5mm stereo audio out socket
Compatibility for Nokia mobile phone all 2.5mm headset type with FM radio function
Compatible Models for Nokia Mobile Phones: (2.5mm)
1508 CDMA 1650 1661 1662 2228 CDMA
2300 2310 2323 classic 2330 classic 2600 classic
2608 CDMA 2630 2660 2680 slide 2700 classic
2720 fold 2760 3110 classic 3110 Evolve 3120 classic
3500 classic 3600 slide 3710 fold 3720 classic 5000
5030 5200 5230 5300 XpressMusic 5610 XpressMusic
5700 XpressMusic 6030 6110 Navigator 6120 classic 6121 classic
6124 6124 classic 6210 Navigator 6212 classic 6216 classic
6220 classic 6267 6290 6300 6300i
6301 6500 Slide 6700 classic 6730 classic 6760 Slide
7020 7100 Supernova 7210 Supernova 7310 Supernova 7390
7500 Prism 7510 Supernova 7610 Supernova 8600 Luna 8800
8800 Sirocco E51 E66 E71 N-Gage
Background Color
OPP bag  (as below)
Operating Instructions
1. Plug this Mobile External FM Antenna into headset (or headphone) socket of the compatible mobile phone     with FM radio function.
2. Turn on FM radio function of your mobile phone and enjoy the program thru your mobile phone speaker, or
3. Plug 3.5mm standard headset (or headphone) or external speaker wire into the audio out socket of this Mobile     External FM Antenna.
4. Enjoy better signal of FM radio program thru headset (or headphone) or external speaker.
使用说明 :
2.启动你手机的调频收音机功能以及扩音器就可以享受调频广播节目, 或